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Track your assets automatically and focus on your core business

We Innovate

We innovate systematically, continuously and successfully.


Performance is about solving problems and building business.

A Full Service

We are a full service business solutions provider for your business.

Our Core Values

Domain Knowledge

Being a tech and AI-expert is one thing, being an expert in the domain of application is another. Being both is the key to success, and one of our main differentiators.


Sustainability is in our DNA. This translates into the products we deliver as well as our operations. Because sustainability implies environment, people and business ethics.

Democratize AI

We offer cutting-edge AI solutions on time series democratically. Because the faster best practices are applied at scale, the closer we get to a sustainable future!

Our Promise


Eneos is and wants to remain the technology leader in its domains. We heavily invest in R&D and continuous improvement to achieve this (and actually validate our products statistically)

Fit for Purpose

Our solutions are built for accessibility, easy integration in any environment and ease of use.
We want best practices to be applied at scale.

Best In Class

We want to be the best, period. We strive for excellence in our product performance (e.g. World's best performing M&V in the EVO Benchmark).
Let us prove our performance.

Artificial Intelligence has enormous potential in both improving and automating existing processes, as well as discovering possibilities that we “mere mortals” would simply never hold possible.
Our goal is to advance the state of the art of AI within the field of time series & linking this with solid domain knowledge in our target verticals for which we develop products. Creating those products, these industries needed to take a leap forward.
Eneos' initial focus is on Efficient Buildings, Utilities and Continuous Industrial Processes.
We want to create cutting-edge solutions that improve the world, directly or indirectly, big or small. And make these solutions available in a democratic way, which makes sure best practices are applied at scale and avoids  capabilities being only available for the “happy few”.
We want to be a leader in solutions that change the world for the better.

The anomaly model accuracy can be compared with following two statistical parameters:

True Positive Rate (TPR)

This gives an indications of the correct predictions, the times an alarm was generated, when there really was an anomaly.

TPR formula

In this formula following therms were used:

  • Nti: the amount of anomalies which were detect
  • Ni: the total amount of anomalies
False Positive Rate (FPR)

This gives an indications of the "False Alarms", the times an alarm was generated, without there being an anomaly.

FPR formula

In this formula following therms were used:

  • TPR: True Positive Rate
  • Ni: the total amount of anomalies
  • N: amount of detections (True and False)

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