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Business Developer

Who we are/the work environment

We are a tech start-up creating software products for energy and assetefficiency using proprietary AI-technology. We apply our “Virtual EnergyManager” technology to the built environment (buildings and utilities) on theone hand, and the industrial world on the other hand.

Our software enables full transparency and accountability in efficiencyimproving projects, improves operational efficiency and maintenanceprioritization and enables performance based and even “No Cure No Pay”-type ofprojects in a straight forward and cost effective manner.

We highly value our combined focus on Domain Knowledge,Democratization of AI and Sustainability. And always focus on innovation andbeing best-in-class.

We really believe that real scalable innovation will only come through acombination of deep domain knowledge about the subject at hand AND aninnovation and entrepreneurial mindset willing to challenge the status quo orcurrent “best-practices”.


We cultivate a “shared company” mindset where we all run the companytogether, and everyone is responsible and accountable for the impact of theirtasks on the global results (we do not want to hire braindead monkeys 😉). This is reflected in how we evaluate and renumerateour people.
If we all move forward we should all benefit from it together!


Being a product-company this implies that the following question shouldbe at the heart of everything we do:  
What is the underlying need of the customer, how can we solve this in ascalable manner that we can productize into the best possible product that ourcustomers love. Whether you are a developer, a sales rep, in marketing or anyother role.
Scalable = growth and large scale positive impact!

And last but not least, we simply want to enjoy the ride and have fun!Only cohesive, positive teams with a common goal can have the focus andflexibility required to do what it takes.


Who you are

·        You LOVE sales.

·        You are energetic,ambitious and have an entrepreneurial mindset. You want to grow together withus, and drive the company forward by being demanding for yourselves AND forothers (including towards the founders if you need better materials, productfeatures, …)

·        You really want toco-create the best products through feeling what the customers need during yoursales and business development efforts. Followed by regularly syncing with usto make these needs crystal clear and sell those improvements enthusiasticallyto our customers.

·        You are mainly a Hunter,but you don’ t mind spending some of your time farming in a structured manneras well (we know it is less your cup of tea, but hey, we are a start-up)

·        You show ownershipfor your responsibilities.

·        You have a positive,very positive mindset. Yet you are a critical thinker, but a solution orientedone that will put every issue on the table and search for the best solution asa team.
(We love constructive criticism and slightly impatient, forward looking vibes)

·        Our ideal profilehas the following skills/credentials:

o   You have a proven professional track record in salesor business development.
Ideally in a fast-paced environment where the product at hand is in constantevolution.

o   An existing network in either industry, buildings/buildingdigitalization and/or the energy and utility sector is a plus.

o   You are proficient in English.
Other languages (especially Dutch or French) are an added value.

o   You are not a marketing expert, but have a certainknack for it. Which means you are able to generate some content or to providethe input for the content that should be created (ranging from very technicalproduct sheets to catchy phrases and visuals)

→ However, the right intrinsic skills and attitude are what counts most.
Do not hesitate to apply if you are motivated and check some of the boxes.



What we have to offer:

·        An awesome start-upculture. Where fun, growth and a common goal are keywords in our positiveimpact company.
But at thesame time we cut the crap, nothing is perfect and not too much kumbaya. But yetthe positive “reaching for the stars” mindset

·        We are open to anyone, as long as you can show us you have what it takes one way or another. Diversityis an added value for any company

·        A shared company approach:
A fixed salary + performance based compensation.
We believe in you, you believe in us. Together we will make the company growexponentially, and through thisperformance based compensation anyone involved will benefit from this!

·        A benefits packagein line with your capabilities, drive and credentials

·        Flexible hybridwork → though this is obvious these days, we do not seeflexibility as a concession but as a key aspect of the modern workspace.
We are open to different hybrid models depending on you responsibilities andyour situation.
In general:  we are open to discuss anytype of model as long as we can make it work.

Our headquartersare in Brussels, Belgium. Proximity is a plus but not a must.

Personal growth:We foresee the right types of trainings and networking events that will make you grow as a person, beyond professionally.

phone number

+32 456.14.12.73



Dejonckerstraat 39
1060 Sint-Gillis